We sing:
to enter the present, where creation happens~
to tune into our individual vibration and recover our power~
to feel the pleasure of hearing our own voice~
to expand our sonic perception~
to share, by discovering the beauty of Oneness~
to remember that sound transforms everything, and that everything is vibration~
to be Love~
to heal~
for the right to be a musical being~
to remember who we are~

And for so many other reasons that we will discover while singing...
We invite you to sing!

Un encuentro con nuestra voz como instrumento, para compartir el sentir, para recordar que todo pasa por dar y recibir. Ceremonia y comunión, a partir de cantos sencillos de distintas partes del mundo que nos llevarán al tiempo en que la magia reinaba en la tierra, haciéndonos sentir que aún está presente, esperando que le demos permiso de actuar.
Mariana Ingold, uruguaya,  música, creadora de espacios de sanación a través del canto grupal e inquieta investigadora de lo sonoro en ceremonias de varios continentes.


An encounter with our voice and our body as an instrument, for sharing the feeling of being, and for remembering that all that happens is for giving and receiving. Ceremony and communion through simple songs from different parts of the world which take us to the time when magic ruled the Earth, making us feel that it is still present, waiting for us to give it permission to manifest.

Mariana Ingold is a Uruguayan singer/composer, creator of healing spaces through group singing, and an avid explorer of the ceremonial music of various cultures. Mariana is well-loved in her country for her unique and heartfelt songs, which carry many influences from jazz and world music. She is also well-known in South America for her work with children's choirs, and her songs for and with children have become part of the very fabric of her culture.
"No es terapia, pero es terapéutico.
No es meditación, pero es meditativo.
No tienes que ser cantante, pero sales cantando, y bien.
No tienes que venir contento, pero sales contentísimo."

"It is not therapy, but is therapeutic.
it is not meditation, but is meditative.
You don't have to be a singer, but you will leave singing.
It is not a class, but you will learn.
You need not arrive happy, but you will leave very happy." (comment from a participant in Spain)